GB2NZ  –  2SZ
Celebrate the First Radio Transmissions from Great Britain to New Zealand


On 18th October 1924, the first radio communication contact between the UK and New Zealand took place between (G)2SZ at Mill Hill School, the station operated by Cecil Goyder, and (Z)4AA in Shag Valley, South Island, New Zealand, operated by Frank Bell.
The Radio Society of Great Britain, in partnership with groups of UK Amateurs in the UK and New Zealand, invites participation in celebration of the 90th anniversary of this event in October 2014 by recreating that original contact between the UK and New Zealand on the 80m band. The special call GB2NZ will be active to stimulate the interest in celebrating the event from 20th September to 18th October 2014.
It is suggested that those with suitably equipped stations might like to join in the celebrations in October 2014 on 80m. Others are encouraged to make contacts with New Zealand amateurs on the HF bands.
In addition to the GB2NZ station, the unique callsign 2SZ (the call initially used by Cecil Goyder) will be active from 11th to 18th October from Mill Hill School.
Elsewhere on this website, you will find predicted propagation between the UK and New Zealand for 1st October 2014. Either side of this date, the propagation will generally follow the same pattern.
Contacts on both CW and SSB are encouraged and GB2NZ will be active on both modes, on 80m when there is propagation but otherwise on the HF bands.


Join in on the celebration of this historic 90th anniversary!

GB2NZ Operators
20-23 September G3SJJ Team Nottingham  
24-27 September G4AMT G3XRJ Sennen, Cornwall  
29 September – 1 October G0ORH   Newbury, Berks  
28 September and 2-5 October G3UJE Team Cheshire  
6-9 October G3BJ   Shropshire  
10-12 October G4IIY   Cumbria  
13-15 October GM3WOJ   Inverness  
16-18 October G3WGN G4TSH Cornwall  



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