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  2SZ Active: 11-18 October 2014

gb200t tower and antennasTower and antenna installation used previously at GB200T
The 2SZ station at Mill Hill School leans heavily on the experience of Cray Valley Radio Society in running major special event stations, most recently 2O12L for the London Olympic Games. As in previous events, the station has to be designed to meet two, sometimes conflicting, purposes.
We want to make as many contacts as possible with stations all around the world, and at the same time we want to give the opportunity to visitors – mainly pupils at the School – to sit down, take the microphone and pass greeting messages.
To this end, the 2SZ has been designed with two HF stations that are capable of simultaneous operation on any of the eight HF bands 3.5-28MHz. Operation will be on CW and SSB. It always happens at an event like this that CW is a great attractant and talking point and youngsters in particular seem fascinated by the ability to send messages using a code. So quite often, one station will be active on CW and the other on SSB. Headphone distribution amplifiers will make it easy for pupils to plug in their headsets and listen to the QSOs, and there will be a loudspeaker at each station with a volume control, for when large groups are present.
Newbury and District ARS kindly loaned a Yaesu Quadra amplifier for use at the station, this will is paired with an Elecraft K3. The second station is all Elecraft, using another K3 plus P3 panadaptor and KPA500. This station is kindly lent to us by Ray Goff, G4FON.
Outside, the station uses a Hy-Gain TH5 tri-bander mounted on a four-section Strumech mobile tower and dipoles for the other bands. 80m is the main focus of activity during the morning long path opening to New Zealand. As well as a broadband dipole mounted on the tower, the station will also have a full-sized quarter wave vertical located some way from the tower, with sixteen radials laid out on the ground. To complete the antenna setup, Dave Aslin G3WGN has kindly lent us an Array Solutions K9AY receiving array which we hope will help us to hear every last ZL on 80m.
The logging software is Logger32 and we will merge the logs at the end of each day and feed them to Clublog. The QSL manager is Charles, M0OXO and we will accept requests via OQRS.
Operating times will be 05.30z to 18.00z. During lesson time, there will be visits from classes within the school and at that time we will focus on passing greeting messages.