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2SZ started operation a little before 06.00utc on Saturday 11th October, and the final QSO was made by Iain M0PCB after almost 100 hours of operation. In that time 13,248 QSOs were made, a mixture of phone and CW. A full breakdown will be published as soon as it is available.

2SZ was active for 12 hours each day and on the first day made over 1,600 QSOs. We were called by a couple of ZLs on 40m, but despite CQing on 80 CW during the LP window to ZL, no QSOs took place on the first day on 80m, which is the closest band we have now to the 90 metre wavelength used in 1924 by Goyder.

We had better luck the second day, and after working ZL4AA on 80m phone, three more ZLs were worked on 80m CW. There are some noise problems at the site but we are hopeful of working plenty of ZLs in the week leading up to the anniversary on Saturday 18th and we are considering re-siting the receive antenna to help with this.

A series of visits by pupils at the School started on Monday. We had nice loud signals from Paul, VK5PAS on 20m long path and he spent a long time exchanging greetings messages with those pupils who were brave enough to put on the headset and send their name using the phonetic alphabet. School visits continued during the week, between approximately 08.00utc and 15.00utc.

Unfortunately the School building closed each day at 18.00utc so we had to cease operations at that time.

On Tuesday we were called by K1NKR, his club station is W2SZ and they have the original logs showing a QSO between W2SZ and 2SZ in 1925!

On the 90th anniversary day, Saturday 18th October, contacts with ZL4AA were filmed for New Zealand TV, and at 7.20 we featured on the BBC Radio4 Today programme, making contact with ZL4AA on 3.5MHZ, close to the frequency used by Goyder. The audio clip can also be loaded from here.

On 20m SSB, we had two School pupils Max and Yasmin who both spoke with Henry and Lucy Bell, two great grandchildren of Frank Bell at the ZL4AA station. So both ends of the contact were from the original locations, and young people took an active part at both ends of the radio link. Below is a picture of Iain M0PCB assisting 15 year old Yasmin to exchange messages with youngsters from the Bell family, and the TVNZ item is here.



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