GB2NZ  –  2SZ

Photo Gallery

We plan to add pictures of 2SZ as the project progresses. Here is a picture of the main antenna mast. This supports a TH5 at about 80ft, and 12ft above this is a dipole for 12m. The halyard to the left supports the broadband 80m dipole, and 30m dipole 10ft below it. On the other halyard is the 40m dipole and below that the 17m dipole.



Here is the Science School building at Mill Hill School, with the antenna behind. This is where Goyder’s shack was located in 1924. The current 2SZ station is to the right of the door, just behind the lamp post.



Toby M0TBS operating station HF1.



Dave G4BUO operating CW on station HF2.



The full-sized 80m vertical is located on Farm Field at one end of a football pitch. However, this is lower down and we have found the broadband dipole on the main tower to be the better 80m antenna on transmit and receive.



There is a display in the area adjoining the station, put together by Cray Valley Radio Society. not shown in this picture are some panels produced by RSGB giving the story of Goyder’s achievement in 1924 and his subsequent illustrious career in broadcasting.



Another view of the operating room, in the foreground Ray G4FON is operating station HF1, Laurie G3UML is on HF2